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Adding Extra Attributes to All Product Collections

This can be very useful for attributes which need to be available on all product collections. This is to be used sparingly, however – adding a lot of attributes to a product collection can drastically impact performance; all attributes should also be indexed into the flat tables so that they’re available when flat catalog is on.




– We add an observer to the catalog_product_collection_load_before event. This will make sure our attributes are added to the collection wherever it’s instantiated from.
– We also add a default node as a placeholder – we’ll allow loaded attributes to be set via the admin’s system configuration.


class Llapgoch_AddProductCollectionAttributes_Model_Observer{
	public function addAttributes($observer){
		$attrs = Mage::helper('llapgoch_addpcattributes')->getAttributesToAdd();
		if(is_array($attrs) && count($attrs)){

– All we need to do is get the attributes we’d like to add to the collection and add them to the select object.


class Llapgoch_AddProductCollectionAttributes_Helper_Data extends Mage_Core_Helper_Abstract{
	const XML_PATH_PRODUCT_ATTRIBUTES = "llapgoch_addpcattributes/general/attributes";
	public function getAttributesToAdd(){
		$attrs = explode(" ", Mage::getStoreConfig(self::XML_PATH_PRODUCT_ATTRIBUTES));
			return $attrs;
		return false;

– We load the attributes which can either be set in the admin area (see System Configuration) or overridden by another module’s config.xml.
– We split the attributes into an array using spaces, but this could be any character.

System Configuration

<?xml version="1.0"?>
		<llapgoch translate="label">
		<llapgoch_addpcattributes translate="label" module="llapgoch_addpcattributes">
			<label>Product Attributes</label>
				<general translate="label">

						<attributes translate="label">
							<label>Collection Attributes To Add</label>
							<comment>Space separate attributes to be added to every product collection</comment>

– We just add our field as a text area to the system config.
– We use a backend model which will be used to warn the user if commas are detected in the string because we’ve chosen to split attributes on spaces.

Backend Model

class Llapgoch_AddProductCollectionAttributes_Model_System_Config_Backend_Attributestring extends Mage_Core_Model_Config_Data{
	public function _afterSave(){
		$helper = Mage::helper('llapgoch_addpcattributes');
		if(strpos($this->getValue(), ",") !== false){
			 Mage::getSingleton('core/session')->addNotice($helper->__('Please use spaces to separate your attribute names instead of commas'));

– Checks the string for the existence of spaces and adds a notice for the user if so.

This code is available as a complete module here: