Magento 1

Excluding Selectors From ManaPro Layered Nav SEO Plus

Use the method setInterceptedLinkContainers on the m_ajax_update block to choose the containers which will be used.

	<reference name="m_ajax_update">
            <action method="setInterceptedLinkContainers"><css_selector>.mb-mana-catalog-leftnav,.mb-mana-catalog-rightnav,.block-layered-nav.m-topmenu,.block-layered-nav.m-top,.toolbar</css_selector></action>  

To remove links from any containers, simply make them more specific to your DOM’s structure.

Any link which calls a window.setLocation from this point will be intercepted by Mana which will check whether the link is contained in any of the elements set above.


Mana redefines the window.setLocation method in its Ajax.js file. It takes two parameters – the first being the URL and the second being the element; if an element is not passed in as this parameter then the interception will always succeed. In these cases, in may be necessary to pass this in as the second parameter.

_callInterceptionCallback, _findMatchingInterceptor, _matchedInterceptorCache