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Magento 2’s uiRegistry Debugging

On the frontend of Magento 2 components are constructed hierarchically. Their names are derived from a concatenation of their parent names. Looking at the checkout_index_index.xml, we can see that the checkout component contains a horrendous amount of config.

To make debugging of this gargantuan hellspawned rat’s nest easier, we can use the uiRegistry object in our browser’s console.

If we would like to get a particular object and we know the full concatenated name of the item, we can simply use something akin to the following;


If however, we would like to get a uiComponent using a property name, we can instead use the get method as a query. In the example above, if we only knew the script location of the uiComponent in question, we could instead perform

requirejs('uiRegistry').get("component = Magento_Checkout/js/view/shipping");

We can also pass in a callback method as the second parameter, where the item(s) returned are passed in as parameters to that function.

Getting all registered uiComponents

The get method also allows us to pass in a callback function as the first parameter, instead of a query. This will pass all items sequentially through our callback, allowing us to see exactly what is registered;

    console.log(, item);

Do this on the checkout and prepare to have an exorcist level of data vomited into your poor, unsuspecting console.

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