Magento 2

Registering a Module


For the purpose of this example, we’ll make our module in app/code/.

Create a namespace directory – E.g. ‘llapgoch’. Within that should be another directory which is typically the name of the module; for this example we’ll use ‘developertoolbar’. The structure of this folder is quite similar to Magento 1’s module structure.

Within our developertoolbar directory, we need to create a registration.php file which Magento will look for in order to register our module. This would be a rough equivalent of the old module registration stub files back in Magento 1, which in this case would be Llapgoch_Developertoolbar.xml.

Add the following to the registration.php file to tell Magento about our new module:


The Register Method’s Parameters

  1. Type– Either MODULE , LIBRARY, LANGUAGE, or THEME which are constants within the ComponentRegistrar class.
  2. Name
  3. Location – Typically, we’ll use PHP’s magic constant __DIR__ to tell Magento that our module exists in the same place as our registration.php file

Check The Module’s Status

To check Magento can actually see the module, navigate to the bin folder in terminal and run:

./magento module:status

Your module should be listed at the bottom, in “List of disabled modules”.

Enable the Module

Run the following from terminal which will enable your module:

./magento module:enable Llapgoch_Developertoolbar

And that’s it! We’ve got a module registered with Magento. Now there’s the task of actually making it do something…

Magento 2

Magento 2.0: Fixing a failed install

Seemingly due to some issues with my MySQL Server, Magento 2’s installer failed before it could complete. It left me with the following error in my browser:

Unable to proceed: the maintenance mode is enabled. 

Aha! I can turn maintenance mode off – that’s easy! Just watch as this error falls like that gummy bear tower you tried to build in junior school! Let’s hop over to Magento’s bin folder…

./magento maintenance:disable

Woohoo, and all is… erm.. yup. Still broken:

SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table 'magentorc.store_website' doesn't exist, query was: SELECT `main_table`.* FROM `store_website` AS `main_table` WHERE (`is_default` = '1') AND (main_table.website_id > 0) ORDER BY main_table.sort_order ASC, ASC

Hmm, a quick look at the magentorc table I'd previously created shows it's completely empty – looks like the MySQL issue was the dastardly culprit! After trying to get it to perform the setup again using a variety of cli commands (and a lot of swearing), I instead opted to remove the following file:


This is where Magento keeps its database details. Removing this started the install process once more – voilĂ !